Dheekshi® is not a conventional company. We are evergreen project management company. Mainly we are focusing on pollution free projects from water, air, land , fire and space. All matter are composed of five basic elements of nature.

Each company interlinks with another company like Dheekshi, Mediseeds, SysInd, GInd, Cheral, Newcloud, 360business, Uda Projects, Udhik, Electrotec, 360shopie, and Interconnect. Each company explore different way but all companies connected to single point which is pollution free and save the nature with advanced technology. We are working in advanced model with AI technology.

Each products creates happy feels. We design our products which can use Industrial, Commercial & residential places. Now we are into design- execution, agriculture- aerospace, water- energy, Products- Internet.

Dheekshi is mostly a collection of companies. Each companies provides their innovation products which is helping from save the earth. Everyone having responsible to save the earth. But in our lifestyle we just leave/avoid the nature. Here, Dheekshi products & Services is there to use earth resource with pollution free & Reuse the products.


Special Thanks

A special thanks to Dheekshi Advanced Systems and Dheekshi Hotels & Resorts team for providing Advanced Defence Systems and Hotels & Resorts.

More Info: @DHEEKSHI

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Udaprojects ,   Mediseeds ,   Electrotec,   Newcloud and  360Business team for providing Agriculture, Industry Design, Ecosystem projects & products and Business Management Services.

More Info: @360GROUP

GInd Group
Special Thanks

A special thanks to GInd,  Cheral team for providing Infrastructure, Smart Automation and Healthcare Products.

More Info: @GIND GROUP

Special Thanks

A special thanks to 360shopie team for providing
E- Business with custom solutions.

More Info: @360SHOPIE

Special Thanks

A special thanks to SysInd team for providing Internet- related services & Products which include IIoT, Cloud Computing, online advertising technologies, Software & Hardware and so on.

More Info: @SYSIND

Special Thanks

A special thanks to NewCloud team for providing Internet Marketing & Product Solutions for all Industries.

More Info: @NEWCLOUD

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Electrotec team for providing Industry Design Services & Green Vehicle.